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When you're ready to focus on reshaping your professional profile, you're ready for ReBrand You. We work with professionals on all levels - senior executives to recent college graduates - from varied industries who are exploring new job opportunities. As the desire emerges to cultivate your success story, you also realize the need to assess your professional profile.

Who we are

ReBrand You is a professional development consultancy that specializes in working one-on-one with clients to customize and tailor their profile through the following areas:

- Resumes
- Cover Letters and Bios
- Interview Coaching
- Workshops and Boot Camps
- Consulting

What we do

Our passion and goal are to make you look good to employers. We work tirelessly on designing your profile by marrying your passion and goal to your professional brand in order to create that perfect fit. We carefully construct your competencies and incorporate your transferrable skills to complement the professional you are today.

Recharge your passion.

By utilizing modern, innovative techniques, we convert your passion and transfer new energy to profile.

Retool your goal.

We devise an action plan that maximizes your strengths and effectively addresses your targeted goal.

Reinvent your brand.

In leveraging your unique talents and achievements, we strategically reinforce your professional brand.

ReBrand You creates your competitive edge!

Finding your way through the fog

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Make it juicy

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What have you done for me lately?

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